Banks can be tough on startups and SMEs

We're not

✓ Multi-currency payment instructions
✓ Prepaid Mastercards
✓ Send and receive money worldwide
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Neat isn’t just for businesses – we also offer accounts for individuals
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We're not a bank, we're better than a bank

Online account opening
Everything can be done online with no trips to a bank branch, ever. The application is simple, quick, and completely free.
Receive payments in multiple currencies
Get dedicated local payment instructions in HKD, EUR & GBP to receive payments from customers around the world without hidden fees.
Connect your payment gateway
Connect to Stripe, PayPal, Amazon and others to receive your eCommerce earnings
Spend anywhere, online or offline
We provide debit Mastercards that can be used globally for both online and offline spending. You can use them for ATM withdrawals, too.
Safe and secure technology
We work with the finest cybersecurity professionals and regularly test our systems to check for any vulnerabilities.
Worldwide transfers
Make transfers locally or internationally. It’s faster, easier and cheaper than a bank.
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We’re different; we like it that way

Compare the costs and features
Online account opening
Corporate Mastercards
No minimum balance
10 minute application process
No set-up fees
  • Banks
  • Online account opening  ✗
  • Corporate Mastercards  ✗
  • No minimum balance  ✗
  • No set-up fees ✗
  • Online account opening ✓
  • Corporate Mastercards ✓ 
  • No minimum balance ✓
  • No set-up fees ✓ 
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“Neat served my needs as a small business and entrepreneur perfectly. Thanks to Neat, I’ve been able to grow my business"
"Neat has allowed SuperCharger to more effectively manage our corporate expenses across a team of 10+ traveling globally"
"Setting up a Neat Business Account was a breath of fresh air compared to most financial business processes in Hong Kong"

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