Your money -
safe, easy, sorted

If you need to set up a personal account quickly,
with the ability to spend online or offline
around the world, you’ve come to the right place.

Neat Personal Features

Get Paid

Neat provides you with payment instructions that you can pay into. Employers, clients or friends can also make payments into the account from around the world.

To top up your account, you can make cash top-ups, bank transfers or transfer directly to your card via FPS.

Online Account Opening

Say goodbye to paperwork and standing in line at the bank. Neat accounts are fully mobile.

Everything from opening your account, managing your finances, sending money or blocking your card can be done through the app.

Prepaid Mastercard

If you’re new to Hong Kong or having difficulties getting a credit card, it takes only 10 minutes to open a free Neat account.

You don’t need proof of address, credit history or a salary statement. Plus, you’ll get access to the Neat app and Neat Mastercard to spend anywhere in the world.

No annual fees or commissions

The Neat app and the Neat card are both free. We don’t charge annual fees and there’s no commission charged when you shop online or offline*.

We don’t require a minimum balance or a minimum yearly spending amount. The Neat Mastercard is a prepaid card, so you can’t get into debt and won’t be charged interest.

*View all of our fees here.

Spend anywhere, online or offline

Neat is a great travel companion. Shop around the world with the Neat prepaid Mastercard, online or offline, and get the best exchange rates for over 50 currencies. You can see what you spend on in real time.

Send money to friends

Whether you’ve got a friend in need or are just trying to split a bill, Neat helps you send money to others, instantly.

Simply type in the amount, select your contact, and you’re good to go.